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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 06:59 pm

Let’s just battle for today.

You want to battle me?

I’m about to, so don’t tempt me. Haha!

How exactly are you going to battle me?

With my trusty sword.

So, my Zhuliye has a sword? I didn’t know that that was possible.

Hey, take your mind out of the gutter.

I’m only stating the truth. Since when do girls have swords?

Not that kind of sword.

What kind then?

The kind you use as a piercing weapon.

I could so use my sword as a piercing weapon.

You… Never mind.

Never mind what?

Nothing. Let’s just go battle, I mean, take down that fortress.

You are so much fun to tease.

Teasing will get you nowhere.

Are you sure about that?

I hope so. I mean, yes.

If we continue on like this, I’ll fall for you.

No. Don’t!

Why not?



It’s late. I have an early class tomorrow, so I need to sleep soon. We should go take over the fortress. Are you with me, Luomiou?



Feeling the hair on his neck standing up as a result of someone’s cold fingers touching him lightly, Jingxiang jolted. He turned around to look at the culprit and narrowed his eyes at the smiling face. “You…”

“Yes?” Taiyu responded.

“Come down and sit next to me,” Jingxiang demanded.

“Why? Did you miss me that much over the weekend?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Jingxiang rolled his eyes. “Do you want to sit beside me or not?”

Taiyu leaped over to the lower row, which his long legs allowed him to do so easily, and he reached back to grab his things. Sitting down, he pulled the folded desk up for his notebook. “So,” Taiyu leaned closer to Jingxiang and gazed deeply into his eyes, “how much do you miss me?”

Jingxiang immediately shoved the larger man away and grumbled. “I only asked you to sit here to stop you from harassing my neck.”

“I might not have access to your neck now, but I do have access to the rest of you.”

Wanting to retort, Jingxiang saw the professor walking in and refrained. Taiyu grinned at Jingxiang’s helpless expression and picked up his pen as he sat back to take notes. Near the end of the session, the professor told Jingxiang to go pick up some xerox copies from the office to distribute to the class. Jingxiang hurried out and did as requested. Noticing Jingxiang’s unattended messenger bag, Taiyu smirked.

Returning shortly with the homework assignment, Jingxiang passed them out and the students dispersed after. Taiyu had already left by the time Jingxiang went back to his seat to gather his belongings. ‘He left? That’s strange.’ Jingxiang shrugged it off. ‘That’s good. I don’t have to worry about him following me.’ Opening the flap of his messenger bag to put his things in, Jingxiang noticed a large plastic bag inside. ‘What’s this?’ Pulling it out, he untied it to take a look. ‘Snacks? Who put a bag filled with snacks in my bag? Did Taiyu…?’ Jingxiang shook the thought out of his head and managed to put everything into his bag before leaving to meet his brother.

‘Ge, you’re here,” Yecheng greeted the moment Jingxiang entered the coffee shop. “Do you want a cup of coffee to take to work?”

“No, thanks. I’m here to tell you that I’ll be working overtime tonight. One of my coworkers is out sick, so I’m filling in for her.”

“You came all the way here to tell me that?” Yecheng inquired.


“You know, you could have texted me that.”

“I know. I came to give you this.” Jingxiang handed his brother an envelope. “A classmate gave me two movie tickets for tonight. Since I can’t go, you could take your friend.”

“Friend? What friend?”


“Ge, he’s only…”

“Only what...?” Jingxiang teased.

Seeing Binbin walking in through the door, Yecheng’s face turned beet red. “N-Never mind.”

Jingxiang chuckled at Yecheng’s adorable reaction.

“Hello, Jingxiang ge,” Binbin addressed politely.

“Hi, Binbin. We were just talking about you.” Jingxiang informed.


“Yes,” Jingxiang affirmed. “Are you free tonight? Yecheng has two movie tickets and he wants to take you.”

“Sure, I’m free.” Binbin smiled.

“Excellent,” Jingxiang chimed. “Make sure you feed Yecheng, okay?”


“I have to get to work.” Jingxiang threw Binbin a wink as he dashed out of the place.

“G-Ge…” Yecheng panicked.

“Your brother is a very busy person.”

“He is.”

“So, I’ll see you in a few hours?” Binbin double checked.

“Alright.” Yecheng smiled bashfully; his cheeks still pinkish from earlier.


Dressed in a white shirt, a pair of black slacks with a burgundy apron wrapped around his waist, Jingxiang went to take a customer’s order. “Would you like to start out with some appetizers and a drink?”
“That depends. Are you the appetizer or the drink?”

Realizing who it was, Jingxiang’s eyes widened. “T-Taiyu? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here for dinner, of course,” Taiyu answered. “This is a restaurant after all.”

“Are you stalking me or something?”


“A beg your pardon?”

“You asked if I’m either stalking you or something else. It’s something else.”

“W-What?” Jingxiang’s curiosity made him ask, but he quickly reworded. “Forget it. What would you like to drink?”


“I’m not part of the menu.”

“In that case, I would like two iced teas.”


“Yes. I’m very thirsty,” Taiyu replied jokingly.

“We do refills, so you don’t have to get two.”

“One is too lonely; therefore I’ll stick with two.”

“Okay. Two iced teas.” Jingxiang scribbled down on his notepad. “Would you like any appetizers?”

“What do you recommend?”

“The cola chicken wings and the shrimp toasts are good.”

“Alright, I’ll take one of each. As for the main course, pick four of your favorite dishes.”

“Four? Aren’t you eating alone? That is too much food for one person.”

“It’s okay,” Taiyu stated. “I have someone joining me for dinner.”

“I see.” Jingxiang wondered who that someone was, yet didn’t want to ply, considering it was none of his business. “I’ll choose the well known dishes from our restaurant.”

“That sounds great.” Taiyu remembered something. “Please don’t pick anything spicy.”

“Understood,” Jingxiang said. “I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

Once Jingxiang walked away, Taiyu waved another waiter over to whisper something to him. Soon, the owner of the establishment, a friend of Taiyu’s, came out to greet him. He agreed to Taiyu’s request for a favor and went to the back to get everything ready.

Jingxiang brought the drinks over and placed them on Taiyu’s table. “Here are your two iced teas.”

“Sit down,” Taiyu commanded.


“Sit down and eat with me.”