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Thursday, April 4th, 2030 12:01 am
Hello my lovely readers. Please DON'T translate/post up my work anywhere, online or offline. NO printing, saving or giving out PDF/Word/whatever computer files either. What's on my journal should stay in my journal. I don't want to see my things posted up or distributed by someone else. I'm very insecure and iffy about that. I write for your enjoyment despite my busy schedule, so do respect the hard work I put in. Hope you all understand and stop asking for permission for the above mentioned. I feel bad having to reject people. I've had my work stolen before and posted up as other people's creations. It was very upsetting as well as heartbreaking. nice and I'll try my best to write more wonderful stories for you all. Thanx, dearies. Cheers!!! ^___^ *smoochies*

All smut (NC-17 or R) will have a PG-13 version. ^_______~

Ongoing Series:

Under My Spell [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Romance* hint YooSu - for: daynah_bo and miky
Trading Hearts [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Fluff* also YooSu
Say, Love Me [PG-13] *Yaoi, Angst, Romance* also YooSu - for: kaimoo
From Afar [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural*
Blink [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Humor, Supernatural* also YooSu - for: kaimoo
A Memory Away [PG-13 to NC-17] *Yaoi, Romance, Humor, Fluff* also YooSu - for: kaimoo
From the Beginning... [PG-13] *Yaoi, Angst, Supernatural, Comedy, Romance* also YooSu, hint HoMin and ChunJae
Linked... [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff, Romance* also YooSu - for: espressoluv
One Night [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Humor, Fluff, Romance* also YooSu, hint Se7Min

Reflections [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Angst, Fluff* also YunJae - for: daynah_bo
My Honey Bunny [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Fluff, Comedy* - for: daynah_bo
Sky [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Humor, Fluff* hint YunJae, Se7Min, AhKi - for: espressoluv
Forbidden Sun [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Angst*

YunJae + YooSu:
True to Your Heart [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Comedy, Angst* also YunJae
Escape [PG-13 to NC-17] *Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Fluff, Angst, Supernatural* also YooSu, Se7Min, AhKi - for: kaimoo
Paranormal Investigators [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Horror, Angst, Comedy, Romance, Fluff* also YooSu, Se7Min, etc.

What If... [PG-13] *Yaoi*, Romance*

DBSK with Others:
Virtual Lover [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* KiMin - for: espressoluv
Remember [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Romance* Se7Min - for: espressoluv

YuCai (Gao TaiYu + Huang JingXiang "Xiao Cai") or RuiWen (Meng Rui + Wang BoWen):
Beholder [PG-13 to NC-17] *Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Fluff, Angst* also RuiWen and BinCheng (Zhang BinBin and Zheng YeCheng)

Bernard Sen Jun + Teddy Jen You Cheng or Duke Wu Cheng Jin + Edison Song Bai Wei:
Once Again [PG-13 to NC-17] *BL/Yaoi, Romance* also Duke+Edison, Aaron+YunLin

Completed Series:

Piercing Hearts [PG-13 to NC-17] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff, Drama* (23 Chapters) - for: miky
Dark Temptations [NC-17] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Death, Suicide, Rape, Smut* hint YooSu (6 Chapters)
My Dark Angel [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, mild Angst, mild Humor, Romance* hint ChunJae, hint YooSu (13 Chapters)
Beloved [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, mild Angst* hint YooSu (4 Chapters)
Joongie's Yunnie Bear [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Romance* also YooSu (6 Chapters) - for: walin
Stolen [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff* also YooSu (8 Chapters)
Stagger [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Comedy* also YooSu (9 Chapters)
He... [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Angst, Humor, Romance* also YooSu (7 Chapters) - for: kaimoo
Kidnapped for the Holidays [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Humor* (19 Chapters) - for: kaimoo and espressoluv
Catch You in My Dreams [PG-13 to PG-15] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff* also YooSu (14 Chapters) - for: list on 1st chapter
Kiss Me [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Humor* (9 Chapters)
Almost A Fairytale [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* hint YooSu (18 Chapters) - for: daynah_bo and espressoluv
Onward [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Supernatural* hint YooSu (9 Chapters) - for: kaimoo
Sarang Hamnida [PG-13 to NC-17] *Yaoi, Drama, Angst* hint YooSu (20 Chapters)

Uninvited Guest [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff, Romance* hint YunJae (10 Chapters) - for: daynah_bo
A Novelist's Boyfriend [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* (3 Chapters) - for: daynah_bo and espressoluv
Make-Believe [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Romance* hint YunJae (10 Chapters) - for: daynah_bo and espressoluv
In Exchange [PG-13 to NC-17] *Yaoi, Drama, Romance* also YunJae (one-sided HoSu & YooMin) (31 Chapters) - for: espressoluv
One Night Stand [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff* also YunJae (16 chapters) - for: cutieroo-211 and espressoluv
In Your Shoes [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Supernatural* also YunJae (13 chapters)
My Little Prankster [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy* (5 chapters) - for: hangeng4ever

I Woke Up Gay! ~Purchase Book~ [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Fluff* (16 Chapters) - for: bloodygenerals

Wish Granted [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Romance, Comedy, Fluff* (22 Chapters) - for: daynah_bo and espressoluv

Oh, Baby! [PG-13 to PG-15] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff, Comedy* also JunChun (11 Chapters)

My Sexy Little Maid [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* (13 Chapters) - for: daynah_bo

Se7Min (Se7en + Changmin):
Two of Me [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance* (8 Chapters) - for: espressoluv

MinGum (Changmin + Park Bogum):
Hello Food Monster [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff, Romance* (11 Chapters) - for: kaimoo

Contract Boyfriend Series:
Contract Boyfriend ~Purchase Book~ (parallel to "Contract Boyfriend version 2") [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Fluff* YooSu, hint YunJae (22 Chapters) - for: mishiistarry
Contract Boyfriend version 2 (parallel to "Contract Boyfriend") [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Fluff* YunJae, hint YooSu (19 Chapters)

DaiMao (Watanabe Daisuke x Hamao Kyousuke):
My Butler is a Demon [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Romance, Fluff, Angst, Humor* hint YooSu, Yunjae, Se7Min (10 Chapters) - for: espressoluv

Kissed by You [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Fluff*
Happy Birthday My Love [NC-17] *Yaoi, Fluff, Smut* - for: mishiistarry
Under the Moonlight [NC-17] *Yaoi, Romance, Smut* - for: miky
More Than Words [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance* - for: walin
Sleepless [NC-17] *Yaoi, Smut, Crack* - for: walin and cherryhatescake
Jja Jang Myun Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Romance* - for: shigai
My Cup of Sunshine [PG] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff* - for: peaches00a
Longing... [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Angst, Tragedy, Supernatural*
Do You...? [PG] *Yaoi, Fluff* - for: espressoluv (prequel to "Did You...?")
BF Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff* - for: chloe1910
Boorific Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy* (Halloween 2009)
Snapshot [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance* - for: HERE
Rainy Days [PG] *Yaoi, Romance* - for: nhocsieuquay
A Christmas Kiss Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff* (Christmas 2009)
Flawless [PG-15] *Yaoi, Romance* - for: kattan69
Dial [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff* - for: sidmaron
Stray [PG] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff* - for: anael777
Smile [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff* Dedication list on the page.
Heartbeats YunJae version of YooSu's "Heartstrings" [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff*
Same Heart [PG] *Yaoi, Romance* - for: kaimoo
Wedding Ring "for Johanna's Adoption Donation" [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* - for: helcha72
May I Have This Dance? [PG] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff*
Dedication Part A, Part B "Jaejoong's Birthday Fic Contest" [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance* - for: kaimoo, espressoluv
Arrow Part A, Part B, Part C "Jaejoong's Birthday Fic Contest" [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Humor*
In Your Heart "lj_scribe weekly writing challenge" [PG] *Yaoi, Romance* Dedication list on the page.
The Ninth "lj_scribe weekly writing challenge" [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance*
Wish Upon a Meteor Shower [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff, Humor* - for: kaimoo
With You "lj_scribe weekly writing challenge" [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance*
A Prince and His Princess [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Humor* (Halloween 2011)
May I Love You? [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance* - for: kaimoo, espressoluv
Itsumademo zutto... (Forever and Ever...) [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance* Dedication list on the page.
Notice Me Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff, Humor* - for: peaches00a
Loving A Fool [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff*

Yours Truly [NC-17] *Yaoi, Angst, Smut* - for: goku_the_saru
Sweetheart [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff*
Under the Influence of Caffeine [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* - for: daynah_bo
Dress Up [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* YooSu - for: daynah_bo (Halloween 2008)
Between A Chicken and A Duck [PG] *Yaoi, Fluff* - for: daynah_bo and mishiistarry
Because I Love You [PG-13] *Yaoi, Slight Angst, Romance, Fluff*
Secret Admirer "High School Fic Contest" at yoosu_yongwonhi [PG] *Yaoi, Fluff, Romance* - for: daynah_bo and miky
Magical Coupons [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* - for: daynah_bo (Valentines's Day 2009)
Deja Vu [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Supernatural*
Box in the Sheep [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff* - for: daynah_bo, espressoluv and miky (Easter 2009)
Better Than A Toy at dongbangkinki [NC-17] *Yaoi, Fluff, Smut* - for: Sherrie (coolplastic19/bloodygenerals)
Room 444 Part A, Part B [NC-17] *Yaoi, Smut, Fluff, Horror* - for: espressoluv
I See Colors Through Your Eyes at like_everything [PG] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff*
Simple [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Fluff* Dedication list on the page.
Stranger "DBSK Song Lyric Fic Contest" at yoosu_yongwonhi [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Angst, Romance*
Three Words Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Fluff* - for: hangeng4ever
Three Wishes Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Romance, Fluff* - for: daynah_bo
My Warmth in the Cold [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff* - for: daynah_bo
Story [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* - for: enthanf4
Did You...? [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff* (sequel to "Do You...?")
To Su, With Love [PG] *Yaoi, Romance* - for: cutieroo-211
Heartstrings "YooSu's 7th Anniversary" [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff*
My Lover's Bias "for Johanna's Adoption Donation" [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff* - for: missvue09
Power Outage "New Year's Fic Contest" at yoosu_yongwonhi [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff*
Mission: Get Rid of the Grease! [PG] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff* - for: cutieroo-211
143 Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff*
Of Fangs and Assets Part A, Part B "Halloween 2011 Fanfic Contest" at yoosu_yongwonhi [PG-13] *Yaoi, Supernatural, Fluff, Humor*
My Sunny Disposition "High School Fic Contest" at yoosu_yongwonhi [PG] *Yaoi, Fluff, Romance*
Big One "YooSu Easter Contest" at yoosu_yongwonhi [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy*

(2U) YunChun:
See You Once Again [PG-13] *Yaoi, Drama* - for: zhe01

The Best Medicine [NC-17] *Yaoi, Comedy, Smut*
I Love You, Hyung! Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, mild Angst, Fluff, Romance* - for: daynah_bo and espressoluv

Sweet Mix-Up Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Fluff*

Chase [R] *Yaoi, Suicide, Angst*
When I Grow Up Part A, Part B [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance* - for: espressoluv
Sleeping Cherry Blossoms [PG-13] "SINSI Contest" *Yaoi, Romance*

Dreaming of You [PG-13] *Yaoi, Angst, Romance*
Romantic Encounter [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Supernatural*

Breathless [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Angst, Vampire*
My Sweet Ichigo [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff* - for: ryana14

Matchmaker "for Johanna's Adoption Donation" [PG] *Yaoi, Fluff, Comedy* - for: kaimoo

Christmas 2008 Gift Fics:
Almost A Scarf (parallel to "Under the Mistletoe) [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff* YooSu - for: daynah_bo (X'mas 2008 gift)
Under the Mistletoe (parallel to "Almost A Scarf") [PG-13] *Yaoi, Fluff* YunJae - for: nhocsieuquay (X'mas 2008 gift)

Triple Parallel One-Shots:
Bear Hug (parallel to "Kissing A Dolphin" & "Munchies for Munchkin") [PG] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff* YunJae - for: kutea
Kissing A Dolphin (parallel to "Bear Hug" & "Munchies for Munchkin") [PG-13] *Yaoi, Comedy, Fluff* YooSu - for: dewberrie
Munchies for Munchkin (parallel to "Bear Hug" & "Kissing A Dolphin") [PG-13] *Yaoi, Romance, Fluff* KiMin - for: espressoluv

100-Word Drabble Challenges:
What is Love? [G] (YunJae)
Moment [PG] (YunJae)
Waiting [PG] (YooSu)
LOVE [PG] (YunJae)

Non-Yaoi Stories:
For Us [PG-13] *Romance* (8 Chapters) - for: mishiistarry


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