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Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 01:15 am
Title: Once Again
Length: ?
Author: swallow
Genre: Yaoi/BL, Romance
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Pairings: Bernard Sen Jun+Teddy Jen You Cheng (JunCheng)
Summary: An accident tore them apart. Could they be together when they meet again?
Disclaimer: The cuties don't belong to me. Only the story is mine. :D

            A dozen red roses, wrapped in light green paper and tied in a bundle with a stunning gold ribbon, was placed on the passenger seat of his vehicle.  In his pants pocket was a velvet box impregnated with a platinum band that was made as a pair.  Each ring had a heart and a name inscribed along the inside.  Bernard was wearing the one with Teddy’s name.  Heartbeats intertwined with excitement and anticipation to see the expression on his lover’s face upon receiving his gifts.  Today marked the day they met coincidentally seven years ago.  It was going to be special, because a marriage proposal was planned. 

            Spotting the love of his life standing by the curb, waiting for him, Bernard pulled his car up to the lad.  A bright smile spread across Teddy’s face the moment he opened the door and saw the roses.  Picking them up before getting in, Teddy shut the door and turned to look at Bernard. 

            “What are these for?” Teddy asked, testing to see if Bernard remembered their anniversary.

            “Can’t I buy you flowers just because I want to?” Bernard smirked when he noticed Teddy’s bottom lip slightly jutting out.

            “Flowers are expensive.  You shouldn’t waste money for no reason.”

            “I love you.  Isn’t that a good enough reason?”

            A smile melted away Teddy’s tiny pout and he hugged the bouquet to his chest.  “I love you, too.”

            “I know,” Bernard said.  “So,” he leaned over to help Teddy put on his seatbelt, “what does my baby want to eat for dinner tonight?” 

            “Anything is fine as long as it’s with you.”

            “I see.  My baby wants to eat me for dinner.”  Bernard pulled out of the parking space and drove in the direction of his apartment.

            “I’ll let that flirty mouth of yours slide this time, since you bought me roses.”

            “What will you let my mouth slide against, if I bought you more than roses?”

            “What else did you buy?” Teddy asked cheerfully. “Let me see.”

            “I thought you told me not to waste money.” Bernard teased. 

            “Yes, but today is different.”

            “Why is today different?”

            “Aiyoh, stop pretending and give it to me.”

            “You could have me once we get to my place,” Bernard replied with a smile.

            “You’re already mine,” Teddy claimed.

            “Correction,” Bernard stated.  “You’re mine.”

            “Whatever.  Are you going to give it to me or not?”

            Bernard chuckled and gave in.  “It’s in my right pants pocket.”

            “Really?”  Teddy immediately reached over and dug his hand into Bernard’s slacks.

            “Make sure you don’t grab the wrong thing.”

            “Said wrong thing is also mine.” Teddy informed.

            “Ooh…so possessive.”

            Teddy grinned and took the velvet box out from Bernard’s pocket.  “This…” Opening the box, he found the ring and glanced over at Bernard.

            Waving his left hand to show Teddy that he was wearing a matching ring on his fourth finger, Bernard popped the question.  “Marry me?”

            Teddy slipped the ring on his fourth finger and smiled as he nodded.

            “Was that a yes?”


            “Do you like the ring?”

            “I do, but…”


            “I like you more.”

            Bernard extended his hand over to gently stroke the back of Teddy’s head.  The moment he retracted it, Teddy grasped Bernard’s hand and kissed it. 

            While avoiding a runaway cart, the driver of a cement truck swerved into their lane face-on.  It was so sudden that Bernard couldn’t avoid being hit.  He removed his seatbelt and used his body as a shield to protect Teddy.  The collision of metals sent his car spinning, ripping out the driver side door in the process.  Tires squeaking across the pavement, leaving burnt rubber markings on the road to tell the story of the accident, like a writer’s pen.  The impact shattered the windshield and shot shards at Bernard’s back before he was thrown out of the vehicle.  Crashing into a light pole, the car finally halted in a burst of smoke from the overheated engine. 

            Blood trailed down Teddy’s face, blurring his vision as he stared blankly, unable to move.  Rose pedals from the scattered bouquet speckled the ground with trickles of red as they blew away.