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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 02:19 pm
Title: Beholder
Length: ?
Author: swallow
Genre: Yaoi/BL, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: YuCai, RuiWen, BinCheng (Zhang BinBin+Zheng YeCheng)
Summary: Two online gamer friends somehow ended up living together. Could one win over the other's heart?
Disclaimer: The handsomeness doesn't belong to me. Only the story is mine. :D

Hey. A message popped up on the chat box.

Zhuliye, you’re finally here. Long fingers quickly returned a message on his laptop. What took you so long?

Sorry I’m late, Luomiou. I had to run an errand for my professor earlier.

Your professor needs to stop making you run errands for him.

It’s okay. I don’t mind.

Well, I mind. He’s taking away our together time.

You make it sound like we’re a couple.

We are a couple.

Only in this virtual world, we are.

We’ve been playing this game together for over two months. We should really meet in person.

That might not be a good idea.

Why not?

You will be disappointed, because the real me is very different from my avatar. I’m really ugly.

I doubt that. Ugly people rarely admit that they are ugly. My Zhuliye must be beautiful.

So, who are we battling today?

Avoiding my question?


At least you’re honest.

That’s why you should believe me.

Haha! Okay. We’re taking down the keeper of the fortress, by the cliff. Are you ready?

I sure am.

Let’s go!

Alright. Controlling the female avatar on the screen to walk alongside his male partner, the two headed up the hill.

Fingers dancing about the two different keyboards simultaneously to blast away the powerful keeper of the fortress, a colorful explosion finally erupted as they achieved their victory.

That was an awesome move you did at the end, Zhuliye.

Thanks. You were great as well.

I know.

Aren’t you modest?

I’m just straightforward.

You are indeed. Oh, my brother is calling me. I have to go. I’ll be online at the same time tomorrow. I promise not to be late.

Okay. See you tomorrow, Zhuliye.

Bye, Luomiou.


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