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Friday, January 8th, 2016 12:11 am

            Yunho caught a hold of Jaejoong before he hit the floor.  "Jaejoong?"

            Crouching down in front of them, Yoochun stared at Jaejoong worriedly.  "Hey, what's the matter?  Wake up Jaejoong."

            Daisuke stood there in shock realizing that his beloved Kyousuke probably went through the same thing, yet he wasn't around to protect him.  "Is Kim-san okay?"

            Changmin shot up from his seat wanting to run out of the headquarter.

            "Wait."  Dongwook grasped Changmin's arm to stop him from leaving.  "Where are you going?"

            "I have to go see if Jaejoong hyung is okay."

            "We need you here."


            "Stay calm and wait for Yunho's instructions."

            "I don't have time to waste.  Jaejoong hyung could be in danger."

            "I'm not familiar with the equipment and Junsu can't handle everything in here.  If you don't keep track of the visual and audio feeds, crucial information might be overlooked."

            "Dongwook hyung is right," Junsu stated.  "The best way to help Jaejoong hyung is to figure out how to solve this case."

            Changmin sighed knowing that Junsu was right, so he sat back down and continued to work.  "Yunho hyung, are you guys okay?  How's Jaejoong hyung?"

            Hearing Changmin through the earpiece, Yunho reassured after checking Jaejoong's pulse.  "Jaejoong is still breathing but he's not conscious at the moment.  He's in the same state as Hamao-san.  I suspect that his spirit had been pulled into the mirror just like Hamao-san."  Yunho averted his attention to the other teammate who was available.  "Yoochun, I need you to carry Jaejoong to his room."

            "Alright, boss."  Yoochun let Yunho lift Jaejoong onto his back and straightened up.

            "Go now," Yunho commanded. 

            Yoochun quickly carried the beauty out of the storage room and headed upstairs.

            "Junsu, I need you to watch after Jaejoong," Yunho instructed.

            "Understood," Junsu uttered.

            "Dongwook hyung, could you come down here and help me out?"

            "Just tell me where to go," Dongwook answered.

            "I'll go show him the way," Daisuke offered.

            "Thank you, Watanabe-san.  That would be great."

            Daisuke hurried out to get Dongwook and left upon Yunho's request.

            "So this is the culprit, huh?"  Dongwook tilted his head to a side to gawk at it.

            "Yeah."  Yunho stepped closer to the mirror to inspect it.  "Changmin, do you see anything glowing from the mirror on the monitor?" Yunho inquired.

            "No," he said while concentrating on the screen.  Seeing that Yunho was about to touch the surface which displayed a reflection of the man like any ordinary mirror, Changmin quickly warned.  "Yunho hyung, be careful."

            Slowly, Yunho let his fingers glide over the smooth surface.  When there was no reaction, Yunho pressed his whole palm on it and then both hands. 

            "Let me try it."  Dongwook approached it and took in a deep breath prior to putting his hands on it. 

            "Do you see anything now, Changmin?" Yunho questioned.

            "No.  There is nothing."

            "Maybe, there's a certain spot you have to touch," Dongwook presumed as he moved his hands all over to test out every part of it.

            "Don't do that, Dongwook hyung," Changmin blurted.

            "Thank you for your concern, but I don't think the mirror wants me," Dongwook taunted.

            "I'm not concern about you.  I just don't want to do your share of the work if you fall into a deep sleep."

            "At least you're honest." Dongwook chuckled.

            "Um...I'm going to go playback that recording of Jaejoong hyung fainting to see if I could find anything."

            "Alright, keep us posted," Yunho agreed.

            "I will."


            "Are you alright?" someone muttered to Jaejoong.  "Please wake up."

            Gradually opening his eyes, Jaejoong sat up with the assistance of the stranger.  "Where am I?"

            "I think we're inside the mirror," the other provided in a gentle voice.

            Finally recognizing who the person talking to him was, Jaejoong queried.  "You're Hamao Kyousuke?"

            The young man nodded.  "Do you know me from somewhere?"        

            "Watanabe-san is very worried about you."

            "Dai-chan is worried about me?" Kyousuke lowered his gaze to the floor.  "I doubt that."

            "He is."

            "He only cares about his work and doesn't have time for me.  I don't think he loves me anymore."

            "If he doesn't love you, he wouldn't have hired our team of paranormal investigators all the way from Korea to come wake you from your coma."

            "I'm in a coma?"

            "Yes.  Do you remember what happened?"

            "I was getting my brushes ready to do some painting, but I suddenly noticed something glowing from the mirror so I went to take a look.  Once I got close to it, I could no longer control my body.  It pulled my hand up to touch it and I blacked out afterwards.  I was in this dim lit space when I woke up."

            "I see."

            "Is that what happened to you as well?" Kyousuke asked.

            "Actually, I walked up to the mirror because I thought I saw a familiar face," Jaejoong admitted.  "It lured me in once I was close enough and took over my body."

            "The face you saw was perhaps mine.  I was looking out in hopes of getting at least one of you to notice me."

            "You could see the storage room from in here?"

            "Yes.  I've been trying to get the attention of anyone who enters, but no one could see me.  Dai-chan never came in except for earlier."  Kyousuke frowned. 

            "Do you know why?"

            Kyousuke shook his head sadly. 

            "He has been sitting by your bedside holding onto your hand," Jaejoong explained.  "Watanabe-san told me last night while I was in the kitchen for some water that he wanted to be the first person you see when you wake up."

            "He did?"


            Those words brought tears to Kyousuke's eyes.  "I miss him so much."

            "Don't worry.  My team will figure out a way to get us out of here."  Jaejoong smiled comfortingly at Kyousuke.  "You'll see Watanabe-san soon." 


            "Yunho hyung, come to the headquarter," Changmin announced.  "You might want to see this."


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