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Friday, January 8th, 2016 12:13 am

            Dongwook turned on his heels and went back to his room. 

            Realizing that he was being watched, Changmin immediately pulled away from Jaejoong.  "Yunho hyung, you're here."

            "It's late," Yunho said.  "You should get some sleep.  We have a lot of work to do tomorrow."

            "Okay.  Good night."  Changmin gave Jaejoong one last look before he left the room, shutting the door behind him.

            Yunho sighed.  "It seems that I'm not the only one who is interested in you, Jaejoong."

            By the time Changmin entered his shared room with Dongwook, the older man appeared to be asleep on the mattress parallel to his; his back was facing Changmin.  Reminiscing about his stolen kiss from Jaejoong, Changmin sat up on his bed with his back resting on the headboard.  Tracing his index finger over his lips, he couldn't help but smiled.  'I will do whatever it takes to get you out of there.  Wait for me Jaejoong hyung.'


            "I gave my father a call this morning," Daisuke informed.  "Ito-san stopped breathing yesterday.  He's gone."

            "Jaejoong was pulled into the mirror yesterday.  Could it be that the mirror is only able to have a specific amount of occupants at a time?" Yunho worked out his thoughts aloud.  "It'll kick out whoever has stayed the longest if a new one is pulled in."

            "When Jaejoong hyung was pulled in, Ito-san was kicked out," Junsu uttered.

            "Does that mean, Mao will..." Daisuke was consumed by mixed feelings.  "What should we do?  What if they stop breathing the moment we get them out?  What if...?  I can't lose Mao again.  Not like this."

            "Watanabe-san, we'll try our best to get them both out safely," Yunho comforted.  "There must be a way and we're going to find it."

            Daisuke didn't say anything but gave him a nod of the head. 

            'Don't worry Jaejoong hyung,' Changmin promised in his thoughts.  'We're going to get you out no matter what.'

            After breakfast, Jaejoong was moved upstairs and placed next to Kyousuke so that Daisuke could watch them both at the same time.  This way, the team of investigators could focus on their work.  The two who witnessed Changmin kissing Jaejoong kept quiet and left the matter alone.  Waking the comatose victims was the bigger priority.

            A doctor came over to give Jaejoong an IV needle since he had been unconscious for a day.

            "Thank you for coming over at such short notice, Sensei."  Daisuke politely shook the doctor's hand and walked him out when he was done.

            "Yunho hyung, I want to go take a closer look at the mirror," Changmin requested.  "Maybe it'll react to me."

            "Okay, I'll go with you," Yunho agreed.  "Junsu, you and Yoochun stay in the headquarter to operate the equipment.  "Dongwook hyung, you come with us to the storage room."

            "Let's go," Dongwook stated.

            Changmin reminded them to put on their gadgets before heading out.  Approaching the mirror, the gadget guy tilted his head to look at his reflection.  Leaning closer to see if he could sense any reaction, he furrowed his brows.  "Hmm...I don't think I am wanted by the mirror."

            "How do you know that?" Junsu asked through the earpiece.

            "Because," Changmin pressed a hand on the surface and as he predicted, nothing happened, "I simply am not."

            "Changmin, have you figured something out?" Yunho inquired.

            "I might have an idea of what's going on."

            "Yah!  Mind filling us in?" Yoochun scoffed.

            "Fine."  Changmin played with his gadget's screen to confirm something.  "I think the mirror is attracted to those who are..."

            "Jung-san!" Daisuke ran in calling for Yunho, interrupting Changmin from finishing.  "You have to come with me.  That band around Kim-san's wrist," panting to catch his breath, "I think he's trying to reach out to us.  Hurry."

            The team of investigators raced upstairs with Daisuke and found that Jaejoong's gadget was indeed buzzing.  Changmin approached the unconscious man and lifted his wrist to take a closer look at the small screen.  Altering the frequency slightly, the lad managed to catch the sound coming from a certain wavelength.

            "Yunho, I...Jaejoong."  The audio mingled with the static, skipping every few words. 

            "Jaejoong hyung," Changmin addressed happily but discovered that the man wasn't able to hear him.  "I don't think he could hear us."

            "Let's listen to what he has to say," Yunho suggested.

            "," Jaejoong's words continued to faze in and out.  "Ito-san disappeared...I came.  Holds only...two.  It takes...lonely or depressed.  Could...hear me?  I am....Jaejoong."  The beauty repeated a few times before the connection was lost.

            "Junsu," Yunho asked through his earpiece.  "Were you able to record the audio feed in the master bedroom?"

            "Boss," Yoochun cut in.  "Junsu just stepped out."

            "What?  Where is he?"

            "He said he needed to do something."   

            Yunho looked over at Changmin, fearing what was to come.  "Junsu..."  The leader dashed out of the room, running towards where he guessed Junsu would be.  Changmin and Dongwook trailed closely behind him.

            "Yoochun hyung, switch your camera over to the storage room," Changmin requested.


            "Do it now!"

            "Listen to him, Yoochun," Yunho seconded Changmin's demand.

            "Alright, boss."  Yoochun did as he was asked.  "Omo..."

            "Is Junsu hyung in there?" Changmin deduced.

            "Yes, and the mirror is glowing," Yoochun confirmed worriedly.

            "Junsu, I order you not to touch the mirror!" Yunho shouted.

            "I'm sorry Yunho hyung.  I can't let them die in there."

            "We'll figure something out," Changmin negotiated.  "Don't do anything rash.  Please back away."

            Junsu reached a hand out to touch the mirror and felt it pulling him in.

            "No!" Yoochun cried as he witnessed the whole incident on the monitor.

            Dongwook hurried over to catch Junsu once he lost consciousness. 

            "Hamao-san," Yunho remembered.  "Dongwook hyung, could you watch after Junsu?"

            "Sure," Dongwook concurred.

            "Changmin, let's go upstairs."

            "I'm right behind you," Changmin informed Yunho.

            Yunho and Changmin found Kyousuke sitting up looking a bit confused as he was being hugged by Daisuke. 

            "Hamao-san, you're awake," Yunho greeted.

            "Dai-chan, who are they?" Kyousuke inquired blinking confusedly.

            "They are the paranormal investigators I hired to get you out of that mirror."