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Friday, January 8th, 2016 12:15 am

            "Junsu, wake up." 

            Recognizing Yoochun's voice, Junsu opened his eyes.  "Yoochun?"

            "Yes, it me," Yoochun confirmed with a smile.  "Welcome back."

            "Mao?" Daisuke felt his heart pounding anxiously.  "Please..."

            Kyousuke's brows knitted together a little before he woke up.  "Dai-chan..."

            "Thank goodness!"  Daisuke wrapped his arms around his young lover.  "I was so scared when you didn't wake up right away."

            "I'm sorry," Kyousuke apologized. 

            Daisuke released his hold on Kyousuke so that he could meet the other's eyes.  "Just don't do it again.  This old man can't take too much excitement."

            "You're not old."  Kyousuke cupped Daisuke's face.  "You're just mature, and I love you the way you are."

            "Jaejoong!" Yunho's voice finally got everyone's attention.  "Jaejoong, wake up.  Did you hear me?" 

            Jaejoong didn't respond.  Seeing this, Changmin rushed out of the headquarter and headed to the storage room at once.

            Yunho held the unconscious man in his arms.  "Wake up, Jaejoong!  This is an order."

            There was still no reaction from Jaejoong. 

            "Jaejoong hyung, wake up!" Changmin panted.

            "Jaejoong...please." Yunho begged.  "You can't leave us like this.  Don't leave me."  Flashbacks of losing Siwon replayed in his mind and he began to panic.  "I love you, Jaejoong.  I love you..."

            Gradually opening his eyes, Jaejoong stared up at their team leader.  "Yunho?"

            "Jaejoong!" Yunho called out in relief and hugged Jaejoong, surprising him.

            "Yunho," Jaejoong addressed with a slight blush.  "I'm fine."

            "You didn't wake up for so long, I thought I lost you."

            Jaejoong took a short while to recollect what happened and answered.  "You almost did.  If it wasn't for Hamao-san snatching on to my sleeve at the last minute, I wouldn't have made it out."

            Yunho looked over at Kyousuke and smiled.  "Thank you."

            "I should be the one thanking all of you.  Without your help, I would still be trapped in the other dimension."

            "Jung-san, what should I do with the mirror?" Daisuke inquired. 

            "I could perform a small ritual to close the door to the other dimension, but it won't be permanent," Yunho replied.  "If you don't want the mirror, I could send it over to my friend in the States.  He has an underground storage space to lock away dangerous supernatural artifacts."

            "Since Ito-san has passed on, and I doubt that his ex-wife would like it back; you may give it to your friend.  I don't want it in this house or anywhere near Mao."

            "Alright.  I'll inform my friend about it.  Would it be alright with you if I send it straight from here?"


            "I'll perform the ritual to close the mirror for a while.  We'll ship it off at once to avoid further incidences."

            Yunho finished up the seal on the antique and his team helped him pack it up.  After a call to his friend, the mirror was sent off to its new location.

            "Why don't all of you take a break for the rest of the day?  Mao and I will tour you around Tokyo for the next a few days.  Think of it as a short vacation.  I'll send you home with my jet afterwards."

            Yunho looked at his team.  "Well...guys.  What do you think?  Do you want to do that?"

            "Yes!"  They made their decisions without much thought.

            "Alright."  Daisuke smiled.

            "Kim-san," Kyousuke addressed.


            "May I speak with you?"

            Jaejoong nodded and followed the younger man to the backyard.  "Is there something you want to talk to me about?"

            "Did you hear what Jung-san said to you before you woke up?"

            His cheeks reddened as he recalled the loud confession and nodded again.  "I'll be your tour guide when you come to Korea."

            "You better."  Kyousuke beamed.  "Remember to tell him if you feel the same way.  Life is too short to waste time on guessing."

            "I will," Jaejoong agreed.

            "Also, Changmin-san likes you as well."

            "That kid only thinks of me as his food provider."

            "Trust me.  Food is merely his second love."  Kyousuke chuckled.  "You seem to attract all the tall ones."

            "You're like an expert in love," Jaejoong teased.

            Jaejoong's words brought laughter to both of them.  Yunho and Daisuke stood by the door watching them.

            "Mao is extremely shy.  I've never seen him open up so quickly to anyone," Daisuke commented.

            "Jaejoong isn't much of a talker either," Yunho informed.  "It's nice to see him laughing."

            Changmin sighed and went upstairs to start breaking down their headquarter.  Dongwook went to help him out.

            "It's okay, I could do this myself," Changmin said to Dongwook.

            "It would be faster with my help."

            "Why don't you go hang out with Jaejoong hyung.  Don't you like him or something?  You keep stealing glances of him."

            "You were stealing glances of him, too.  If not, you wouldn't have caught me doing so."

            "So, you do like him?"

            "Jaejoong reminds me of my brother, Siwon.  That's why I couldn't help but stare sometimes.  It's not for the same reason as you.  I could tell you like Jaejoong a lot."

            "I do, but..."

            "But what?"

            "I don't think he sees me the same way.  I'm just a kid in his eyes."

            "You are a kid."

            "No, I'm not," Changmin scoffed.  "I'm big, okay?"


            "You don't sound convinced."

            "Then, convince me."  Dongwook smirked and wiggled his brows up and down.

            "Ugh.  Never mind.  Just help me put the wires and other important extensions into the box.  I'll unplug the equipment."

            "You really don't like me, huh?" Dongwook joked.

            "I'm not going to answer that."

            "Would you be more lenient if I treated you to chicken wings?"

            "You owe me chicken wings."

            "No worries.  I'll treat you to some before I leave."

            "You're leaving?"

            "Why?  Do you miss me already?"

            "O-Of course, not!" Changmin denied.  "Where are you going?"

            "Back to the company.  Vacation is over.  I only came to find out why my brother loved being a paranormal investigator so much.  I know why now.  He did it to help others and that made him happy.  Plus, he got to work alongside his best friend.  Even though he lost his life, Siwon did what he loved.  That is all I needed to know."


            "Give me your cell phone."


            "Just do it."

            Changmin reached into his pocket and pulled it out to hand to Dongwook.

            "Wow, your phone's model is so old.  How long have you had it?"

            "I spend my money on more important things.  My cell phone works just fine, so I don't need to be up to date on stuff like that."

            "Aren't you the gadget guy?"

            "And your point is?" Changmin lifted an irritated brow.

            Dongwook called his own phone with Changmin's.  "There.  We now have each other's numbers.  Call me when you miss me."

            "I'm not going to miss you," Changmin lied.

            "In that case, I'll call you when I miss you."

            "Don't worry Dongwook hyung," Yoochun interrupted.  "I'll help him call you when he misses you."

            "Yah!" Changmin voiced his complain while Junsu giggled next to him.  "I'll make my own calls, okay?"


            Following an enjoyable next couple of days in Japan, compliments of their gracious clients, their team was flown home on Daisuke's jet.  Jaejoong exchanged e-mails with Kyousuke prior to leaving in order to keep in touch with his new friend.  Tired, they dragged their legs into Yunho's mansion and left the equipment in the living room for the time being.  Dongwook departed their place the next day, not forgetting to treat Changmin and the rest of the team to a big meal along with a special order of chicken wings.  Changmin wasn't sure how he felt about Dongwook, but he had a feeling that he was going to miss him.