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Friday, January 8th, 2016 12:17 am

            Panting, Junsu drew his hand away from Ethan and took a step back.

            "Junsu, are you okay?"  Yoochun held onto Junsu in case he lost his balance like last time.

            "Y-Yes."  He gave the concern man a nod of the head to reassure him. 

            "What's wrong with him?"  Ethan glanced over at Ariel.

            "He's fine," Ariel stated.  "The flight must have tired him out.  I'll take them to their rooms."

            "What is wrong with the kids these days?"  Ethan shook his head disapprovingly.  "I'm going to my room."

            "Alright.  I'll tell you when it's time for dinner," Ariel said.

            Ethan headed upstairs to his bedroom and closed the door. 

            Ariel turned to the investigators with a worried expression.  "Is my husband...?"

            "My gadget didn't detect any spiritual possession," Changmin answered.  "Although there are spirits in the house, your husband isn't being possessed."

            "There are spirits here?"

            "Yes, but they are friendly specters which pose no threat to the living."

            "If he's not possessed, then why is he behaving so strangely?" Ariel inquired.

            "We'll need to carry out further investigations," Yunho provided.  "Please don't worry, Ariel-sshi.  My team will do our best to help your husband."

            "I understand."  She nodded.  "Let me show you to your rooms."


            The team would be occupying all four of the rooms downstairs.  One would be used as their headquarter, while the other three were shared in pairs.  As before, Yunho and Jaejoong shared one while Yoochun and Junsu shared another.  Changmin was to take the room in-between them since he was alone.

            Yoochun walked over to Junsu whilst they were setting up headquarter.  "Junsu."

            The lad was connecting the wirings to their laptops and looked up at Yoochun from his crouched position.  "Huh?"

            "What did you see at first?  You had a premonition, didn't you?"

            Junsu stood up to talk to Yoochun.  "I saw a man dressed in a brown suit.  It was the kind they wore in the old days.  I think we were arguing about something.  He pushed me and I lost my footing.  Then, everything went black."

            Junsu's words caught the other three's attention and they walked over to listen to him.

            "You were fighting?"  Changmin sounded surprised, especially given the fact that Junsu's personality was too timid to even be in a conflict with anyone.

            "I'm not sure.  I remember when I was falling, I saw my own legs.  I was wearing black slacks and a pair of matching color dress shoes."

            "I think Junsu saw the incident through the victim's eyes," Yunho derived.  "Could you give us a description of the man who pushed you?"

            "Um..." Junsu tried to recollect.  "He was tall with his hair combed back in an old fashion style.  His features were very distinct; large eyes, high nose and fair skin.  Very handsome."

            "Handsome?" Changmin lifted an eyebrow.  "What is your definition of handsome, Junsu hyung?"

            "I don't know.  He was just very...handsome."

            "Let me ask you this.  Is Yoochun hyung handsome?"

            Junsu glimpsed over at a smiling Yoochun and replied.  "Yes."

            "In other words, he's extremely average."

            "Yah!  What do you mean by that, kid?" Yoochun barked.

            "However you want to interpret it."  Changmin grinned.

            "Aish!  Forget it.  I'm not going to be bothered by a jealous heart who couldn't find love."

            "Hey!  I could find love if I wanted to."  Changmin crossed his arms in dispute.

            "Is that so?"

            "Should I give the two of you a timeout, children?" Yunho warned.

            "Only if I could have my timeout with Junsu," Yoochun responded.

            "I bet you would like that, wouldn't you?" Changmin teased.

            "Oh, yes.  I would."

            A light knock on their headquarter door made them turn to look.  There stood Ariel and a new visitor.  Junsu's eyes rounded and his jaw dropped emitting a soft gasp.

            "Hello.  I would like all of you to meet my friend," she introduced.  "He heard about my situation and wondered if he could offer his help.  He's also Korean, so there wouldn't be any language barriers."

            "Hi, I'm Lee Minho," he greeted with a warm smile.  "I've been doing some research on this house and would like to share the information I've gathered with you.  Hopefully, I could be of assistance."

            "That would be great."  Yunho went to shake the man's hand and the rest of his team exchanged introductions with Minho.  

            Junsu was still frozen by the time it got to his turn.

            "Junsu, he's saying hi to you."  Yoochun tried to wake Junsu from his trance.

            "H-Hi, I'm Junsu Kim.  I mean, Kim Junsu." 

            "Lee Minho."  He shook Junsu's hand.

            "Someone has competition," Changmin taunted Yoochun.  "And he's way more handsome than a certain someone in our team."

            Yoochun hissed at Changmin and grasped Junsu's wrist.  "Ariel-sshi, if it is alright with you, Junsu and I are going to go take a look around the house."

            "Of course," Ariel agreed. 

            "Come on.  Let's go, Junsu."  Yoochun lugged the smaller man out of the room and down the hallway.

            "Changmin-sshi, we only have four rooms and they are all taken," Ariel explained.  "Would it be alright if Minho shared your room?"

            "Yeah," Changmin concurred.  "Do you mind taking the bed next to the window, Minho-sshi?"

            "I don't mind."  Minho flashed his pearly whites once more.

            "Awesome!  Let's go drop off your luggage there so that we could get to work."

            "Okay."  Minho followed Changmin to their room and took out a binder from his luggage.

            "Wow!" Changmin saw what Minho pulled out.  "You weren't kidding when you mentioned about your research."

            "Well, Ethan and I are good friends.  We practically grew up together.  Ariel took me upstairs earlier to meet up with him, and he shut the door in my face.  It's like he doesn't remember about our friendship.  Actually, he seems to be afraid of me.  It pains me to see him like this.  I'm going to do everything I could to bring him back to his senses."

            "I see.  Let's return to the headquarter.  You could tell us what you know."


            Meanwhile, Junsu pulled loose from Yoochun's grip to catch his breath.  "Yoochun, I have to tell you something."

            "Is it something I would like to hear?" Yoochun wiggled his brows up and down flirtatiously.


            "Oh, that's too bad."

            "That man."

            "What man?" Yoochun stared at Junsu in confusion.

            "The one Ariel-sshi brought in.  Her friend, Minho-sshi.  He..."

            "Yeah, I know.  He's tall and handsome.  I know I'm no match for that..."

            "Yoochun!" Junsu cupped Yoochun's face.  "Stop blabbering and listen to me."

            "I'm listening," he mumbled through squished cheeks.

            "He looks just like the man I saw in my premonition."



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