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Friday, January 8th, 2016 12:18 am

            "What?" Yoochun found Junsu's words rather shocking.  "Are you sure it's him?"

            Junsu realized that Yoochun was speaking funny, so he let go of the man's face.  "I'm not sure he's the same person, but the resemblance is uncanning."

            "We should go tell the others.  Maybe Minho-sshi is linked to this case."

            "Okay."  Trailing behind Yoochun, Junsu hurried in his footsteps to catch up. 

            Their teammates were discussing something when they got there, therefore the two quickly joined them.

            "Minho-sshi," Yoochun addressed.  "Do you happen to have a relative you look like?"

            "I was told that I look a lot like my grandfather.  Why do you ask?"

            "Do you have a photograph of your grandfather with you?"

            "Yeah, I have a family portrait in my wallet."  Minho reached into his pants pocket and took out the photo to show them.  "The elderly man sitting in front is my grandfather.  We took this picture a year ago.  He passed away last month."

            "I'm sorry to hear that."

            "It's alright.  He told us that we shouldn't be sadden by his death, because he lived a long life."

            "Your grandfather was a wise man," Yunho said.

            "Yes, he was," Minho agreed.  "But, he did have one regret before he died."

            "What was that?"

            "He did something to his best friend that he wasn't proud of and wanted to find that man's family to apologize.  Even after searching for so many years, he wasn't able to find them.  I promised my grandfather that I would find them for him and fulfill his dying wish."

            "I see."  Yunho nodded.  "May I ask...?"

            "You want to know what my grandfather did to his friend, right?" Minho interrupted.


            "He accidentally killed his friend during an argument."

            Yoochun immediately looked at Junsu and then over at Minho.  "Do you have a photo of your grandfather when he was young?"

            "It's in my research."  Minho flipped through his binder and stopped at a certain page.  "See?"  He pointed at the yellowish, black and white picture.  "Don't I look like him?"

            "Junsu, is it him?" Yoochun inquired.

            "It's him," Junsu confirmed.  "He was the one who pushed me."
            "Wait.  Do you mean Minho-sshi's grandfather?" Jaejoong finally spoke.


            "So, the victim was Minho-sshi's grandfather's best friend," Yoochun concluded.

            "I'm sorry.  You've lost me.  Who is the victim?"  Minho was puzzled by the conversation between the team members.

            "Minho-sshi, do you know the name of your grandfather's best friend?" Changmin raised.

            "His name was Jiro Wang."

            "That doesn't sound like a Taiwanese name,"

            "It's not.  His real name was Wang Dong Cheng.  Jiro was a nickname his lady friend gave him."

            "Do you by any chance have a picture of him in your research binder?"

            "Yes, I do.  I need it as proof to show his family when I find them."  Minho flipped back a couple pages.  "The man sitting next to my grandfather is Jiro."    

            "Junsu, is that the victim's face?"

            "I don't know, Yunho hyung.  I only saw what the victim saw."

            "Perhaps, you need to touch Ethan-sshi again to see more," Changmin suggested.

            "That could work," Yunho concurred.

            "How should I go about that?" Junsu stated.  "Wouldn't it be weird if I'm touching him all of a sudden?"

            "I know what you should do." Jaejoong smiled.  "You sit next to Ethan-sshi during dinner and find a way to come in contact with him."

            "I'll try." Junsu nodded.

            "Maybe you could drop a chopstick or offer him some food.  Then, you would have a reason to accidentally touch him without looking like Yoochun hyung."  Changmin grinned.

            "What is that supposed to mean?" Yoochun grumbled.

            "You should know what I mean.  It would be embarrassing for you if I spell everything out."

            "Kid, your loneliness has messed up the balance of your hormones.  You need to find another distraction other than focus your full attention to pick on me."

            "I'm not picking on you," Changmin denied.  "Tell him, Junsu hyung.  Have I been picking on him?"

            "You have," Junsu replied honestly.

            "Ugh.  Your answer doesn't count, since you're smitten by him.  Why do I bother asking you anyway?"

            "Because you know that he doesn't lie," Yoochun supplied.

            "Changmin, Yoochun is right," Jaejoong intervened.  "Junsu rarely lies."

            "Fine.  I'll try not to pick on you, Yoochun hyung."  Changmin smirked.  "Try."

            Yoochun piffled.  "As if."

            "Let's get back to the case," Yunho directed.

            "Speaking of dinner, I'm kind of hungry."

            "When are you not hungry, Changmin?" Yoochun taunted.

            "Yah!  You pick on me, too."

            "I'm only speaking the truth."

            "My stomach has a mind of its own.  I can't control it from growling."

            "That is an irrelevant explanation."

            "It is very relevant."

            "Are they always like this?" Minho chuckled.

            "Unfortunately, yes," Yunho affirmed.

            "You guys have a wonderful relationship.  It must be fun working together."

            "Only sometimes."  Yunho proceeded.  "Minho-sshi, could you sit facing Ethan-sshi later?"


            "Because you and Ethan-sshi are close friends."

            "But, he doesn't seem to remember me."

            "You told us that he shut the door in your face earlier, correct?"

            "Yes.  He appears to be afraid of me."

            "If my guess is accurate, Ethan-sshi could be the one you're looking for."


            "Until Junsu sees how the victim looks like, I can't be sure."

            "Minho-sshi," Yunho figured.  "You and Ethan-sshi communicate in Mandarin, I presume."

            "Yes, I'm fluent in both Korean and Mandarin just like Ariel."

            "That's amazing."

            "There are so many of us, I think I should go help Ariel-sshi with dinner."  Jaejoong voiced before stepping out of the room.

            "Jaejoong hyung, I'll help too."  Junsu left with Jaejoong whilst Yoochun's eyes traced after him until he was out of sight.


            Jaejoong and Junsu were surprised to see Ethan in the kitchen with Ariel.  Apparently, he was there to get some tea. 

            "Jaejoong-sshi, did you need something?"  Ariel looked up from stirring the pot of beef stew.

            "I came to help with the cooking," Jaejoong answered.

            "Me too," Junsu added.

            "Ya Tou, what are they saying?" Ethan asked, not understanding a word of Korean.

            "They are going to help me prepare dinner," Ariel explained to him in Mandarin.  "I'll tell you when it's time to eat."

            "Kids these days," Ethan muttered as he headed out.  "Are they studying the house or playing house?"

            "What did Ethan-sshi say?" Jaejoong questioned.

            "Nothing much.  He just called you guys kids."  Ariel plastered on a wavering smile.

            Noticing that Ethan had dropped his beaded bracelet, Junsu went to pick it up.  "Ethan-sshi."

            Hearing his name, Ethan turned around and saw Junsu handing him his bracelet.  He extended his hand to accept it and at that moment, Junsu's fingers touched his.  Instantly, Junsu was pulled into the past.  This time, the lad saw himself looking into a mirror and the victim's face was visible at last.


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