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2030-04-04 12:01 am
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~* Master Fic List *~

Hello my lovely readers. Please DON'T translate/post up my work anywhere, online or offline. NO printing, saving or giving out PDF/Word/whatever computer files either. What's on my journal should stay in my journal. I don't want to see my things posted up or distributed by someone else. I'm very insecure and iffy about that. I write for your enjoyment despite my busy schedule, so do respect the hard work I put in. Hope you all understand and stop asking for permission for the above mentioned. I feel bad having to reject people. I've had my work stolen before and posted up as other people's creations. It was very upsetting as well as heartbreaking. So...be nice and I'll try my best to write more wonderful stories for you all. Thanx, dearies. Cheers!!! ^___^ *smoochies*

All smut (NC-17 or R) will have a PG-13 version. ^_______~

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2018-04-09 12:30 pm


Updates on which stories have been reposted.

Completed Series:
-Piercing Hearts
-Contract Boyfriend (YooSu)
-Contract Boyfriend v2 (YunJae)
-My Dark Angel
-Joongie's Yunnie Bear
-Uninvited Guest
-A Novelist's Boyfriend
-My Butler is a Demon

Ongoing Series:
-Once Again
-A Memory Away

Currently re-posting 'Paranormal Investigators'. ;)

If there is a certain story you want reposted first, just leave me a comment here.  ^__~
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2017-04-05 01:15 am
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Once Again - Chapter 1: The Color Red

Title: Once Again
Length: ?
Author: swallow
Genre: Yaoi/BL, Romance
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Pairings: Bernard Sen Jun+Teddy Jen You Cheng (JunCheng)
Summary: An accident tore them apart. Could they be together when they meet again?
Disclaimer: The cuties don't belong to me. Only the story is mine. :D

Chapter 1: The Color Red )
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2017-04-04 02:19 pm
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Beholder - Prologue

Title: Beholder
Length: ?
Author: swallow
Genre: Yaoi/BL, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: YuCai, RuiWen, BinCheng (Zhang BinBin+Zheng YeCheng)
Summary: Two online gamer friends somehow ended up living together. Could one win over the other's heart?
Disclaimer: The handsomeness doesn't belong to me. Only the story is mine. :D

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